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4 Ways to Improve Your Oral Health While Waiting for Your Dentist’s Office to Reopen

April 20, 2020

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a young man flossing his teeth in the mirror while waiting to see his dentist in Towson Just because COVID-19 is keeping dental offices closed and dentists only seeing emergency patients, it doesn’t mean your teeth and gums are free from possible danger. Tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease can occur at any time, which is why you must do all you can to maintain your oral health during this time. Regular dental checkups and cleanings may not be possible but proper at-home care certainly is. So how can you improve your smile and avoid possible problems along the way? Allow a dentist in Towson to share a few helpful tips that will have you receiving a positive report during your next visit.

Start Drinking More Water

There is a reason doctors and other medical and dental professionals strongly encourage the consumption of water. Its benefits not only include flushing out toxins from the body and helping you stay hydrated, but it also encourages increased saliva production. Why is this important? Because your mouth needs to remain moist so that any debris attempting to stick to the chewing surfaces of your teeth will be unable to do so. By drinking more water, your saliva continually works to push out anything harmful, helping you to avoid potential cavities and gum disease.

Regularly Clean Your Toothbrush

If it has not been 3 or more months and your bristles are not frayed, you do not need to switch out your toothbrush; however, you should be disinfecting it regularly. The reason is that germs can remain on the bristles for a long time and should you become sick, these same bacteria can reenter your mouth and make you ill after you have recovered. By disinfecting your toothbrush using mouthwash, vinegar, or one of many other solutions, you can keep your brush and smile in better health. Just remember never to store your toothbrush is a dark, damp drawer or place a cover of it. Instead, allow your brush to air dry.

Start Using Mouthwash

If you are diligent about brushing and flossing, make sure you incorporate rinsing into your regular oral hygiene routine. By washing out your mouth with 20 ml of an ADA-approved mouthwash, you will not only give yourself minty, fresh breath, but you will also flush out anything left behind after brushing and flossing. Think of it as if you are washing dishes. You don’t scrub the plate then put it in the cabinet, right? You need to rinse it off to ensure it’s thoroughly cleaned. The same can be said when using mouthwash.

Minimize Snacking

COVID-19 may be keeping you indoors for now, but it doesn’t mean you should keep visiting your refrigerator and pantry ever 15-20 minutes for a snack. This practice will have you seeing a difference in your waistline as well as your smile. If chips and candy are what you’re reaching for, expect to hear that you need fillings and/or dental crowns when you return to see the dentist. Instead, if you’re going to snack, opt for fruit, raw vegetables, or dairy products that help build a healthier mouth and body.

While these are just a few of the many ways you can improve your smile while at home, don’t hesitate to contact your dental team for additional help during this time.

About the Author
Dr. Devon Conklin may only be seeing emergency patients right now, but if you or a loved one are looking for a “dentist near me” and need assistance when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile while at home, she and her dental team are ready to help. By calling our office, we can offer tips, advice, and recommendations that will allow you to stay ahead of the game when keeping your teeth and gums clean. Although COVID-19 may be keeping from a regular dental checkup and cleaning, let our team provide the best at-home care instructions for a happier, healthier smile. For additional information and assistance, visit our website or call (410) 583-7010.

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