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Conklin & Ward Dental Group Blog

Is It Time to Replace Your Dentures? Here’s How to Find Out

January 28, 2020

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woman admiring her new dentures Did you know that the American College of Prosthodontists estimates that 120 million people in the US are missing at least one tooth, and more than 36 million have no teeth at all? With this many missing teeth, it’s no wonder that dentures are so popular! These dental devices can help you prevent overgrown, misaligned teeth and get back to enjoying a full smile. However, they’re not meant to last forever. Here are the tell-tale signs that it’s time to replace your dentures in Towson.


Can I Get a Brighter Smile by Whitening My Porcelain Veneers?

January 14, 2020

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Woman choosing porcelain veneers shadeIf you’ve recently made the decision to get the smile you’ve always wanted with porcelain veneers, you’ve made a great choice! These wafer-thin shells of beautiful porcelain are a long-lasting, natural-looking solution for teeth that are chipped, cracked, stained, or misshaped. They’re incredibly stain-resistant and can last a decade or more without changing color. However, will they continue to match the color of the rest of your teeth after years of use? Your dentist in Towson explains if your porcelain veneers can be whitened and how to keep them shining bright.


Start the New Year with a Brand-New Smile!

December 28, 2019

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blocks showing the changing year

What’s your New Year’s resolution? For many people, it’s to be more comfortable in their own skin. If you have some kind of aesthetic flaw in your smile, it can be hard to be self-confident. Luckily, there are plenty of ways your dentist can help with that. Discover how cosmetic dentistry in Towson can utterly transform your smile and give you the confidence boost you need in 2020.


4 Ways Your Smile Changes as You Age

December 8, 2019

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older lady smiling

Your body experiences several changes as you get older. Your sense of hearing fades, your hair turns gray, and your memory becomes not quite as reliable as it used to be. Did you know that your mouth goes through changes as well? Keep reading to learn how cosmetic dentistry in Towson can transform your smile and keep you looking young and vibrant.


Can I Combine Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments?

November 27, 2019

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woman with an attractive smileIf you don’t love the smile you see in the mirror, you’re not alone. Research shows at least two-thirds of adults don’t like how their teeth look. Whether from genetics, poor dental habits, or an injury, you can get the smile of your dreams with cosmetic dentistry in Towson. Depending on the severity of your aesthetic concerns, you might think you will need several treatments. While there are some procedures you can combine, you might be able to get the results you want using only one. Your dentist will create the personalized plan you need to achieve a picture-perfect smile.

Do I Need Braces Before Getting Porcelain Veneers?

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Beautiful smile with veneersIf you don’t like how your teeth look, you’re not alone. In fact, as many as two-thirds of adults are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth. New innovations in cosmetic dentistry can give you the smile you’ve always wanted by correcting your aesthetic concerns. If you’re ready to transform your teeth, you’ve likely heard about the benefits of porcelain veneers in Towson. They can correct several issues using just one treatment, but you’re not sure if they are right for you because your teeth are crooked. Don’t worry, you may still be a candidate for veneers!

3 Ways To Prepare Your Smile For Holiday Photos and Events

October 30, 2019

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family celebrating the new year and taking a picture togetherThe holidays are fast approaching, and you can tell based on the brisk, chilly wind and lingering smell of hot apple cider in the air. Over the next couple of months, you’ll be attending countless family gatherings, work holiday parties, and a photoshoot with your loved ones for cards that wish the warmest season’s greetings. The only problem is that you’re not thrilled about showing off a smile that’s stained and damaged. Cosmetic dentistry in Towson can refresh your grin and repair damaged teeth so you can have a warm and beautiful smile to compliment the holiday season. Read on for three dental flaws that can be remedied by visiting a cosmetic dentist. (more…)

A Friendly Reminder to Use Your Dental Insurance Before It Expires

October 13, 2019

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December 31 on calendarYour dental insurance is a valuable asset that can help you afford to achieve and maintain a healthy, functional smile. Sadly, though, most people do not use their coverage to the full. While about three-fourths of Americans have some form of dental benefits, the vast majority of those individuals do not even come close to getting all they can out of their plan. What about you? Are you getting as much value as possible out of your insurance? As the end of the year approaches, you should seriously consider the answer to that question. Let’s discuss how you can maximize your 2019 dental benefits.


Is Vaping Bad for Your Oral Health? A Dentist Says This About It!

September 9, 2019

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young man smoking e-cigaretteOver the past few years, vaping has gained in popularity, with sales skyrocketing from seven to 41 million dollars from 2011 to 2018. Although it was first marketed as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco, are there still some possible harmful side effects to vaping? Recent research suggests that it can negatively impact your oral health, but how? Read on as your dentist in Towson goes in-depth about the matter and explains how you can protect yourself.


How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You Fall in Love with Your Smile!

August 8, 2019

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attractive young woman smiling curly hairThe intense heat of the summer months is beginning to fade away and cooler fall days are just around the corner. Although the weather is cooling down, this is a great time to heat things up by revamping your smile. As you continue reading, discover how cosmetic dentistry in Towson can help to create the appearance you’ve always wanted. Furthermore, learn about some of the top methods available from your cosmetic dentist!


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